Conditions on Granting Agency

If you meet all the above conditions and are desire to obtain this company’s agency, download relevant documents from bottom of this page, and send them to company through fax and/or email after completing.
Surface area of property (store and warehouse): 100-150 Sqm.
Property location: On the main street and a suitable industrial area
Ownership: Title deed with the entire six parts
Residence status: In the city where application is made
Presenting a clearance certificate
Presenting non bankruptcy certificate
Presenting video and photo of store’s position from different angles on a CD

Obligations of Agency

The agent is obliged to install fire distinguisher and first-aid kit in the workshop or his office.
The agent is required to arrange suitable warehouse with durable shelving for storing radiator.
The agent shall fix at display all signs and symbols submitted by the company.
The agent is obliged to provide its customers with the end user price list. The agent shall fix at display its business license in a suitable place.
The agent is required to use suitable advertisements in the territory and scope of its operation to advance the company’s objectives.
The agent shall be obliged to fulfill minimum specified purchase for one solar year.
The agent undertakes to sell radiator products of Armco Co. only.
The agent is required to have an organized schedule for marketing and sales of company’s products.
The agent shall comply with all applicable national environmental and health requirements and rules and Armco Radiator company’s by-laws (such as establishment of S5 waste management system).
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