Customer Complaint

To support its customer-focused vision and to satisfy customers, Armco has established the following channels to receive your complaints:
After-Sales Service Tel No
Landline phone No.: 08642343353-4 Ext. 1078
Mobile: 09126273284 E-mail:
Our 24/7 after-sales services experts are ready to respond to the customers’ inquiries.
Our customers are welcomed for any checking, control and replacement of radiator upon coordination with experts of after-sales services in our sales agencies in almost all parts of the country.
Please take not that the defective products not included in the following list shall be subject to warranty and could be replaced when referring to the agency.
1- Warranty card without buyer’s particulars
2- Warranty card without date of purchase, date and seal of agecy
3-All defects caused by non-observance of the points referred to in warranty card under terms of installation
4-Any defect caused by physical damage (accident, cutting, being under more than 1.5 times pressure )
5-Referring to unauthorized agencies for repairing radiator
6-- Sending radiator without filled in warranty card
7-Using non-standard solution
8-- Defective radiators that are damaged due to technical defects or engine failure and the inadequate functioning of thermostats and water pumps and fan motors.
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