Customer Satisfaction Survey
Armco’s efforts to protect customers rights in the after-sales services market is appropriate.

Agents are consulted with for protection of their material and intellectual rights in the market and their information requirements.

Agents’ information and secrets are well protected in Armco and not disclosed to other agencies without their prior information and permission.

How satisfied are you with Armco realization of orders?

User notification system is efficient if orders are not fulfilled.

How do you find Armco’s performance in addressing quality issues.

How do you find Armco’s performance in logistics and product packing.

Armco’s information system on financial accounts is transparent.

Have your demands and requirements been met by sales and after-sales services units.

How do you evaluate performance of financial deputy office in treating clients with respect.

Cycle for returning guarantee documents is quick and efficient.

Agents are satisfied with information on legal issues in contracts.

To what extent are your satisfied with Armco in concluding contract in terms of competitive target prices.

How far have you been able to adapt yourself with Armco target price.

Are you satisfied with access to the panel of Valeo Armco Engine Cooling Co. for suggestions and comments.

How Armco communication channels are available for interaction and receiving your viewpoints.

How do you find interaction between agents and Armco Group for training needs.

Pay distribution procedure for agents is fair and satisfactory.

To what extend strategic thinking exists at various management levels in Armco.

Are you satisfied with dimensional quality of our products.

Are you satisfied with our quality and high-grade products.

Are our products easily installed and assembled.

What is your level of satisfaction with after-sales services being accessible and accountable.

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