Armco Industrial Group, as a leading manufacturer in applying modern technology, is proud to produce the best quality evaporators in the market. The variety of Armco evaporators meet different needs of domestic automakers and spare part market for various vehicles.
Evaporator is one of the other main parts of auto cooling system. It is responsible for absorbing heat from cabin air and cooling car interior. Another key task of this part is to absorb humidity of cabin air.
The rapid air flow created by electric fan through evaporator coil surface, transmits cold air created by coil through canals and air vents into car cabin. The cold air created by evaporator coil removes cabin air moisture by distillation and the created droplets are carried out of car cabin through special outlet.
Car cooling system has two control switches, one of which seized compressor circuit and the next prevents formation of ice crystals in evaporator chamber. Failure of one switch may cause the entire system to fail.

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